Black Emerald Transportation,Inc

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Bus Drivers Needed
Send Resume to [email protected]
Essential Functions include the following:
Operate a mini-van and/or bus safely and smoothly to transport passengers
Be able to follow daily route by use of a GPS
Provide information to passengers in , efficient manner; use proper etiquette to assist passengers with disabilities.
Follow instructions from Dispatch and supervisory personnel and communicate any problems to dispatch
Assure compliance to all applicable DOT laws and regulations.
Assure cleanliness of vehicles.
Follow instructions from Dispatch and supervisory personnel and communicate any problems to dispatch.
Complete daily vehicle pre/post trip inspections.
Maintain good customer/employee/supervisor relations.
Assist passengers with entering and exiting the vehicle
Report for duty promptly in proper uniform and physical condition and be ready to work any route assigned.
Prepare and complete all required logs and reports including reports on traffic accidents and customer incidents.
Utilize the communication systems (cell phones & radios ) in accordance with company policy.
On fixed routes make stop announcements to passengers upon approaching prescribed destinations.
Use correct safety procedures to operate lift, secure wheelchairs, scooters and other assistive devices.
Immediately notify dispatch of cancellations, no shows, or for directions when having difficulty locating a client.
Maintain the standards of BET, including but not limited to the Drug & Alcohol and safety policies and procedures.
Maintain confidentially of information and passengers
High School Diploma or G.E.D.
Pass a drug and alcohol check
Pass a criminal background check
Maintain a class C driver’s license
Must be able to speak and read English.
Legible handwriting.
Ability to understand simple instructions.
Must be able to read maps
Must be able to operate a basic gps device.
Must be able to read maps and follow directions.
12 years of driving experience
No accidents or moving violations within the last 3 years
No suspended driver’s license in the last 5 years
Must be familiar with State and local traffic laws, ordinances, and regulations involved in the operation of vehicles.
Must be able to assist with lifting and loading wheelchair bound passengers if operating the modified transportation vehicles.
Must be able to work between the hours of 6am – 8pm; Monday thru Friday